“David’s style is one that empowers everyone he works with to be at their best, he always managed to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of everyone involved. He is tirelessly devoted to our profession"

Barbara Skrebutenas, Executive Director, Connecticut Music Educators Association

“….I have concluded that David is one of the few school leaders who genuinely gets it. His focus is clear: How will this decision affect teaching and learning? How will this decision help a young person grow? He has the unique ability to listen, ask probing, sometimes uncomfortable, questions, and helps set a direction that helps a music educator, parent, student, and even a superintendent to do an excellent job. David balances a very serious sense of purpose with humor that enables him to engage others at a high and comfortable level.  He does not pretend to have all the answers, but collaborates with others to ensure he has all the information he needs to make good decisions.  David relishes hard work, is smart, intuitive, and very much focused on empowering others."

Daniel E. Gutekanst, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Needham, MA

"Under the guidance of Mr. Neves, I was able to bring my playing to a standard that could be recognized on a state level, rather than just local. His perseverance, attitude and character influenced me to emulate him and helped shape the person I am today."

Anthony Petrocchi, former private student.

"Dr. David Neves ran an effective and engaging workshop for Cumberland High School.  His clinic demonstrated a great understanding of developmental psychology as his lessons were age appropriate.  His musicality and musicianship are evident in his feedback, which was invaluable in our Journey to Band Festival, and our pursuit of music excellence."

       Michael Feroce, Band Director, Cumberland High School 

“……has taught our graduate course in School Music Administration and Supervision several times over the past twenty years; for the past ten years at least, he is the only instructor we hire for this course. He has served brilliantly on panel discussions and professional development days I have hosted at the College. He is without question one of the most skilled, committed, and caring music educators that I know…."

Dr. Robert Franzblau, Director of Bands, Rhode Island College

“The kids really had a great time with you and learned some new stuff!  (I did too!)  They had a lot of great things to say after your clinic with us!  I would love to have you back next year!"

Marisa Martinez-Silva, Band Director, East Providence High School